Sunday School Group Options

Here at Midway Baptist Church, Sunday School is a very important part of our Sunday. By attending Sunday School you can dive in to the word of God with a smaller group. Small groups help each other with accountability. You can also become more spiritually mature as you are being discipled AND while you are discipling others. We would love for you to join one of the many classes available at Midway Baptist Church each Sunday morning at 9:15am. Our Sunday School groups are listed below along with their location. Please consider joining us this Sunday Morning! 

Class Teachers Location
1 Yr Olds Sherry Adkins/Cherry Flanagan Nursery
2 Yr Olds Bettye Perkins/Beverly Rhodes Nursery
3/4/5 Yr Olds Danielle McAlister/Brandi Higginbotham Left Wing
1st/2nd Grade Jacqui Lewis/Janet Berg Left Wing
3rd/4th Grade Malia Webster/Daniel Webster Left Wing
5th/6th Grade Robin Gressett/Jason Gressett Left Wing
7-12th Grade (girls) Stephanie Cooper/Leslie Russell Gym (Upstairs)
7-12th Grade (boys) Bryan McAlister/Brian Russell Gym (Upstairs)
Young Adults LeDawn James/Jeff Smith Gym
Focus (Newly/Nearly Weds) Donna Bird/Robyn Stephens Gym
Adult 1 (Coed Couples) Jeff Davis/Mark Vick Gym (Upstairs)
Adult III Coed Diane White/Linda Miles Gym
Ladies (25-39) Lisa Butler Gym (Upstairs)
Adult II Ladies Lois Smith Gym
Adult II Ladies Frances Weatherford Fellowship Hall
Adult III Ladies Betty Harris Fellowship Hall
Adult III Ladies Cindy Hodgins Fellowship Hall
Adult II Men Chris Shanrock Gym
Adult III Men Danny R. Miles/Rod Peterson Fellowship Hall
Special Needs Wanda Key Gym